For the 50 Shades project, I have decided to do something a little bit different.

  1. George

This is George! A stuffed astronaut pillow, that came with planet-and-starts bedsheets.

2–9. Different Angles

These first few photos were George in different angles, just to get a a reference of what they look like.

10–17. Daily Routine

These next few photos I took a handful of George, in various places that I encounter during my daily routine. I thought these were a nice way of showing scale, as well as just being fun to do.

18–37. Pencil Sketches

I sketched out George a decent amount with a pencil in my notebook. George has a rather simple design at default, so I was mostly trying to figure out a design for him that I liked and wanted to keep drawing. Generally speaking, when I draw I am usually a character artist, so I enjoyed playing around with George as a character rather than strictly an object per se.

In this group, I first decided to draw him most realistically as a pillow. Then, I tried some alternate designs for him, including maybe adding an antenna, to help show emotion. I played around with some poses again, and then drew a little bit of what I imagine would be under the helmet.

In this last group, I played around with some more poses, and then had the idea that George would probably have a little pillow of me, and drew a few of those.

38. 3D Model

Moving on, I wanted to create a 3D model of my general 3D design for George. This was a bit tricky, considering that George himself is kind of 2.5D to begin with, so I didn’t have a lot to go on. I ended up with a simple model in a t pose, ready to be rigged.

39–40. Picrew

Next, I decided to create George in a Picrew, which is a type of custom icon creator, used to make characters. I’ve taken some artistic liberties, but I think I’ve found a good face for him. The Picrew I used can be found here, in case anyone wants to give it a shot themselves.

41. Vectors

Next I decided to work with some vectors, creating more of an .svg file of a mildly more abstract George.

42. Pixel Art

This next sketch I created using a pixel brush. I love pixel art, I think it’s beautiful when created well, so I wanted to create a little sprite of George. I think it came out cute, and tt could maybe be used as a sprite in a game in the future.

44.5. Origami

I had tried to make George using origami, and a tutorial of how to create an origami astronaut. It did not turn out well. Moving on……

45–~48. Digital sketches

Returning to 2D, the next chunk of sketched I created using Procreate, an art program on my iPad. I tried to play around with different style and brushes a little bit. I miscounted the sketches a bit, and may have gone a bit over 50 at this point, depending on how you count them….oh well!

49. Agumented Reality

I thought I would try some augmented reality, and augment one of the digital sketches. It’s something simple, but I think it looks cool.

50. Among Us Edit

Lastly, of course, it would be silly to go this whole post without mentioning George’s similarities to the incredibly popular game Among Us, so I thought I would edit one of the Among Us beans into George.

Overall this project was fun, and challenged me to imagine a single figure in a lot of different ways!